Help with APPR

I have serious problems when it comes to APPR. I seriously don’t know what Im doing wrong😔

Let me make a scenario. I set the ILS, line the aircraft with the end of the runway, and enter within final approach range. The plane is descending steadily, appropriate speed, and the moment I feel it’s alright to active APPR, it goes one of few ways

  1. The plane instantly dives towards the ground
  2. It starts off okay, but suddenly sways violently
  3. The plane starts gaining altitude rapidly at a very high VS, causing a stall of course
  4. Lands perfectly

I have used the same technique as explained up above in the scenario all of these times, each ending with varied results. Am I missing something?


This video helped me immensely in figuring out how to use APPR correctly.
I find having the speed and attitude very stable helps with a smooth landing. Not jerking around like crazy. I set the altitude for final approach at 2000. Then, once my speed is stable at around 150knts, I will active the APPR.


Thanks! I’ll be sure to try this out, along with your tips! Thanks, and happy landings 😄