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So I’m making a VA atm and I’m 99 percent done. The only thing I need to do is make the crew centre with air table. But I don’t know how to use air table as a crew centre so if anyone is an expert in this please help me thanks! :D

Hello there! Glad to hear that you are creating your own VA! Unfortunately, I am not an expert at Airtable, as my VA uses a different software.

In order to receive the best help, you should first apply to the IFVARB and reserve your airline. More information about this and steps to get started can be found here.

After you are entered and approved into the IFVARB approval process, you can start recruiting staff using the VA Staff Request Thread, which can found here. This is a great method of recruiting the staff that fit your needs.

By the way, I notice that you are only TL1, and to apply you must be TL2 (Member). Just keep being active, liking, posting, etc. and you will be TL2 in no time!

Hope this was helpful, and good luck with your VA!

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Thank you so much for your help! I really thank you from my heart this was very useful thanks!

After you have done what said above 👆

Watch this video, and it will help you complete a PIREP form. Once complete, go into the main screen and press settings and then ‘link to slack.’ You can make a private slack channel for PIREPs which will receive a notification every time someone fills one in. After this works, create a database with pilot names and every time they file a PIREP, you can add the flight time manually to the database, keeping good track of everyone’s flight time.

Have a nice day🙂

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Thanks so much for the help!

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