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Now that 21.1 has terminals, I just wanted to know how can I know which gate do I use for a specific aircraft like an A320 at EGLL


At EGLL, the A320 typically is found at Terminal 5A (Gates 501-527), given the large majority of A320s at LHR are owned by BA.

It was an example I want to know generally as in about the other airports

I suggest you use flight radar to get an idea where the flight your doing parks. I use an app called Virtual Hub which shows the layout of the airport as well as the different aircraft sizes each gate can accommodate.

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much!

Are there any other apps too?

I tend to use Flight Aware when replicating real life flights (which are 99% of the flights that I do). That will give you the aircraft type and also usually which gate the aircraft departs and arrives from at the airport.

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Oh nice, that was helpful

The problem with trying to find a gate at these large hub airports is that airlines are often segregated by terminal. Why does this matter? Well, if you have multiple airlines that operate the same aircraft, their parking locations are going to be split among various areas of the airport, so its not very effective to give a broad overview.

I advise using a resource such as FlightAware. If you look up your route on that website, via flight number or arrival/destination, when you select it, it may show you exactly what gate it departed from. You can use this data to cross reference with applications such as Navigraph that provide airport charts.

If FlightAware doesn’t have your gate, I recommend using Flightradar24. Typing in the flight number, you can see typically what position on the ground the aircraft was at (Unless there is no ADSB receiving at the airport). You can cross reference that with Infinite Flight to find out where to spawn.

You can also just use airport charts from applications such as Navigraph to determine general areas. For example, if you are flying a cargo aircraft, the airport diagram may show you where the cargo areas are.


Another quick tip is to spawn in at your destination airport prior to flying and double check the gate size, location and airport layout

It also gives you a useful point of reference of where to aim for when you taxi to parking… especially if you don’t have a chart to hand

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