Help with a violations situation

Hello, I’m fairly new to the forum and don’t know if this is the relevant category to make this post so I apologize if that’s the case.

I was flying from Kathmandu to Paro when I got a call about a family emergency which didn’t give me time to hold the speed on A/P. When I hung up the phone the plane was over speeding on the 1st or 2nd violation so I went to disconnect and avoid them but at the last moment I got a third violation which demoted me down to TS, meaning I won’t be able to fly the FNF on the ES that I was soooo looking forward to fly. Is there any way a moderator can help me get rid of that 1 only violation I need to fly in the ES? I recognize the only one to blame here is me and I will address the mistake personally so it doesn’t happen in the future.

Thanks in advance for all the responses!

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Violations are not normally removed unless you can prove there was a bug with Infinite Flight. I recommend you contact one of the moderators and send you replay to them. They will be able to help you.

how to share a replay


As this wasn’t a bug in the system, the violations will most probably not be removed. The incoming call was just „unlucky“


Because I just need to have one less violation to attend the first 2020 FNF. :/

I completely understand and if that’s the absolute answer for the situation it will be no problem. I’m just giving it a shot because it really feels unfortunate.

Here’s the replay

Like others said above I would find and PM a moderator the reply and see if they could help you out in any way!

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Yep I PM’d Marc but it seems he might be busy. Should I contact another mod?

It’s up to you. I would personally wait for a little bit longer as he is probably busy with something or flying!

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Handled via PM