Help With A VA

Hey IFC,
So I was thinking about creating a VA. I was wondering does it have to be IFVARB approved in order for me to make it public on the IFC. Thanks!

Also could someone please help me create a website for this new VA I want to create. Also can someone give me ideas on airlines that are not taken that I can use for my VA. Also if I use an airlines logo on my website, is that considered copyright?

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Yes. Check out for all the information you need to start a VA.

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That’s correct. All virtual airlines need to be approved by the IFVARB before posting your official thread on the IFC via the #live:va category.

I believe you can post in the Prospective Staff Thread under the #live:va category to recruit staff and advertise open staff positions once your VA is in the review process.

Wishing you all the best in creating your VA.

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Your profile says you are the COO of TKVA, you cannot be staff in another VA.

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I would leave then and start my own VA.

Ok, good luck to your VA!

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Thank you!

Does anyone know any airlines I could do a VA on. And also is it copyright if I use the actual airlines image on my website?

Also can someone help me make a website for a new VA?


There are plenty of services to help you make a website and a crew center. I would recommend checking out VA net, and VA center. They offer different types of Crew Centers and websites.

As for copyright, you can view all this information on the IFVARB website. Link provided above. Here you can see the list of active virtual airlines and the virtual airlines that are in the approval process.

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GDay @Pilot_InfiniteFlight,

I’m Sam from VACenter.

If you are seeking IFVARB approval and want a website check out our subsidiary VAWeb. We’d be more than happy to help!

CEO & Founder VACenter

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I am also looking for this, Thanks for the info!

I am making a new VA aswell

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To be able to advertise or bring anything up about it on the Community forum will require you to be IFVARB approved.

If you are not looking to advertise on the Community Forum, you do not have to go through the process.

Now about this, @Sam_Neale owns VAWeb, which makes stunning websites for your VA!

Edit: Coincidentally Sam replied at the same time, lol.

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Do you have to pay for your program or no?

VAWeb is free! :)

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Ok, thank you!

No problem, good luck with your VA mate!

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I am having a problem with downloading it @Sam_Neale

Downloading what? Not sure if there is anything to download.

Or how to get started. I joined the discord, and it still says join the discord and I linked my discord to my account