help with 737 speeding

hi, i am flying WMKK-VHHH and i went for a walk with my dog, when i came back i found the plane overspeeding at around 292 airspeed, will it affect me, and do liveflight shows violations live? it says i have 20 violations, and i am still at lvl 3 according to liveflight.

call sign: Malaysian 6 7 IFHK- josh hc

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Hey buddy.
When you left to go out, was your plane still climbing to its cruise altitude?
It may be that the correct speed at say, fl220, was too high at fl330

Also, what server are you flying on?

And as far as I’m aware, the violations don’t update live on LF


training server I’m watching now is fl340 498kts

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yes, you are right

you have not received any violation for what I see but do not forget to fly at a moderate speed so you do not have a violation

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it was in around FL240 and i set the A/P as 3000vs and 320knts than i went out

alright, thx buddy

but @Kirito_77 said it won’t update on live flight

The chances are then this is your problem. I’m not entirely sure what 320kts would be at fl340, however usually 290 is a good Mach .79 or a similar value. Chances are 320kts is too high and you are over speeding as a result.


alright, next time gonna let the plane reach cruising altitude before going for a walk with rex, hehe


I recommend you take a look here happy landings :)

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just landed, no penalties, thanks guys!

does it mean i shouldn’t cruise in FL340 to hkg?

It just means be more mindful of your airspeed. You shouldn’t leave your flight till you’re above 28,000ft and in Mach speed


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