Help! What should my altitude and air speed be when in flight?

As the question says, what should my altitude and air speed be when in flight? This is for any plane. Thanks a lot for any advice!😄

You can fly at any altitude at any speed, except you only have a few restrictions that apply when flying in Live:

  • only travel at 250 kts airspeed max when under 10,000ft (playground and advanced)
  • don’t exceed 550 kts groundspeed max when under 40,000 ft (advanced server only)

250 Knots does not apply to free flight :)

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Corrected - thanks :)

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I’ve watched flights from SIN to KUL and noticed that most planes have cruise ground speed about 460 kts, It’s about 330 kts airspeed in no wind weather

it depends a lot on how far you are flying and what aircraft you are flying.

as a VERY rough guide for altitude then if under 100nm distance then set distance to about 12,000 ft,

100-200 nm then say 24,000 ft and if more than 200 nm then consider flying at and altitude of up to 32000 or higher! Of course when you are that high you have to know when to start to descend…there are few topics on how to do this, have a search for them!

Speed wise, below 10000 ft keep to 250kts, above 10000ft I increase to 305kts / M0.82 when above. When decending and above FL120 then I set the speed at M0.68 / 260 kts, then reduce to 240 below 10000 ft

Does this help?

And… since this article there is a maximum speed under FL400. See post from Nathan above.

keep your IAS to 305kts or M0.82 then you wont fall foul of the speed restriction above 10,000ft!

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