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Hello Guys,
i was playing IF from long time and i was travel for 3 months and my ipad was with my son and he was playing with IF and i was grade 3 and now grade 1 i don’t know how to get my violations off

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Sadly violations are no longer removed, reasons can be found Here

I understand this is very annoying, however your account if your account. You are responsible for it regardless who is using it. It’s a shame but those violations will drop off in a week and you can access expert again then. Keep working on your landings on casual in the mean time!

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Hi, I would suggest that you need to get your son his own account to play on as he is racking up alot of Violations for you!

In the short term I would find a nice GA aircrafft, like the TBN, and do some TnGs in order to get your landing to violations ratio down to at least 1:1. Longer term i try and fly about twice a week (real life family and work gets in the eay to fly more) as I find this keeps me nicely as a G3.

Next time you allow your son to fly, put it on the Casual Server so that he cant build up any violations for you.

Good luck and happy landings.

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Sorry to hear that, but your son need has his own account which @David_Lockwood said. Btw, you need 101 landing in order to get Grade 2, but I forgot the requirements for Grade 3.

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