Help using APPR

I’m having trouble with operating the APPR on the crj 700. Any suggestions?

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Check out this tutorial.


what exactly do you need help with I am experienced with this feature

When approaching I’m at 200 mph an I’m on the ils when I enable the APPR the plane would turn to a different direction.

You should be below 200 kts and you must intercept the glide slope before activating APPR. The tutorial above is really helpful. :)

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Ok thanks good stuff

Also onthe minimap you need to be in the red or grey area and under 200kts also your ILS should be as closely aligned as possibly before engaging as it may go nuts trying to Aline and then over rotating and then correcting again (just to say it quick it gets messy)

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You also cant be over the max. landing weight or the plane freaks out and the A/P turns off.

@Samuel_Ten, as this is not a problem with the app, (the OP is asking for help), it should stay here.

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I am curious to know how to get the small external camera view window bottom right corner over the maps window on the main screen. It is seen on the basic take off and landing videos tutorial videos too. Please help.

Lol. You and me both. That’s some
high tech stuff Mark Denton has its not a feature on the Application. :)

Ok. Greg. Thanks for the info. Its should have been there. Looks great.

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