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I told a controller unable at KSAN yesterday when he wanted me to descend the around 500-1000 feet AGL around 25nm out. Was that ok?


Great information. No way you typed all of this. @JoshFly8 had to do it 😜


Besides the factual information, I could see why you’d think that.


Can the controllers on all servers be alert when giving speed instructions.

I’m being told at times to maintain 200 knots, doing so, then getting told to “please follow instructions”. When the last instruction was maintain 200 knots.

That could make an awkward ghosting situation!

All I ask is you keep an eye on it. Otherwise things are superb as always.

After another frustrating approach session at Palm Springs this morning, I was just thinking about writing such a post myself, and this is exactly what I would have written ! Fortunately @Joe saved me much time and effort and articulated everything perfectly.

His entire piece should be pinned to the loading screen of the app so that everyone can read it !

Approach controlling can be the most enjoyable element of ATC, it can also be the most infuriating when people are impatient and/or do not follow instructions and/or do not know how to interact with the controller. Hopefully a good number of pilots will learn something from this and we can provide an even better service to everyone going forward.


I’ve been waiting for someone to post something like this for a long time! Great job, Joe! And thank you!

*Rubik’s Cube Take it from a Hungarian, we made it 😜

Thanks for this post! I was tired of chaos on the Expert Server and it was starting to turn into Playground. Hopefully this fixes things up!

Why does everyone have to be so mean to @Carson he’s just a cute dog… 🐶

That gave me a good laugh though.


That’s probably my favorite and the most important part.


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I love this part

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Best post ever joe hopefully when i pass my practical I can reduce the work load some

People have been known to breach codes and ask for stupid requests on the live specially on the training servers. I know that the ATC can issue a Please check help pages but in reality there is no any specific help pages. Instead of this may be ATC can issue a read community/ forum guidelines for assistance and give a link to the community website on the ATC prompt because some people may not know the rules and also about the existence of this community especially the newer users.Yes it will switch to the browser and stop or ruin there current flight but it’s better to learn from there mistakes and will stop them from ruining the game for others


Just had a tough and taxing session at PHNL. It wouldnt have been so had people remained PATIENT! Multiple messages will only delay what you’ve requested.


Key words: BE PATIENT. Take a bow @Joe very well said. The expert server is for expert pilots, so fly and behave as such!


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@Joe… MaxSez… It had to be said, good recap but two things strike me… 1. “Unable” is a valid response and should not be considered an invitation to a Ghosting as inferred and practiced widely. Instability, system malfunctions like flutter, terrain avoidance etc happen, it’s the nature of the beast. Controllers of any breed must understand that the Pilot in Command is the ultimate decision maker, Considering an Unable as insubordination is a brain fart. Most Unable Ghosts are caused by no Pilot friendly or explanatory command/responses in the comm menu’s.
2. GA/VFR consideration. There is no need for Approach to handle or vector a non-commercial VFR slow mover to the IFR Line up and a 8/10 mile Approach unless there is an immediate safety of flight issue. The majority of VFR folk understand the “see-be be seen rule”. Non-commercial VFR’s/ Visual Approach craft should be passed indiscriminately to tower when checking in. Tower makes the final sequencing decision and can fit the VFR craft into the flow as the situation allows, the new “Holding Procedure” is a good thing an should be applied, situation dependent.
Am sure my observations don’t fit smartly into your IF play book. But my opinion needed to be floated. Since 99% of the response thus far where atta boys. Bottom line at the outset; am sure you’ll agree to disagree. Just sayin…


No, I actually totally agree with both points.

•The point I was trying to make with unable is making sure it’s used properly. Repeatedly saying unable because you don’t want to veer from your FPL will get you ghosted when it’s busy. Saying it when you’ve been told to descend to 7,000ft approaching Aspen should be a wake up call for the controller. It’s the misuse of the command that’s frustrating. Just as I know you get frustrated when some ATC misuse/handling of GA/VFR aircraft.

•This is an area we need to improve in, myself included. Having a 172 call inbound when I have a single runway and 20 lined up makes me cringe. We need a better plan than point them to the runway and hope it works out. That being said, my guess is 90% of the traffic we deal with is trash haulers, not GA. I hope this changes if more GA aircraft get added. Until then, there will be some growing pains.


@Joe… MaxSez: Will wonders ever cease. GD we finally agree on something. “Do Good Work Joe, I don’t care what the Boss said”!
Warm Regards & Semper Fi