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This post NEEDED to be pout out there! Thank you Joe so much for doing so! Gives me reason to fly on the expert server more often now :)
I can’t tell you how much I’ve advocated for IFATC in this sense. Pilots just want to do it there way but they want the realism attached. I’ve said it before and ILl say it again…IRL you would be fired for landing on the wrong runway. You would be in serious serious trouble if you rammed into another aircraft. You would owe millions of dollars in damage if you landed an aircraft on top of another person (not to mention be responsible for hundreds of deaths!

Please treat this expert server with the realism you want to be attached. I’m so glad I finally got to say that bad that Joe has finally made this topic public! SUPPORT OUR IFATC!!!


Just need to clear my practical, hopefully I can reduce a bit of the workload ;)


That’s the most important thing in this whole
Post which ppl don’t understand


Ref to the new updates on the Expert level, I recognized that above 10 000 ft the maximum speed can be 350 however, it was possible to go at higher speed before. Is there a new min. altitude for higher speed than 350? Thanks!

I’d like to become an Expert ATC Controller to help out, where do I start?

Check this topic ;-)
// ATC Specialist


Great post Joe. I definitly learned something new.

@Joe, awesome post. Just what is needed! :)


Very well written. Thank you.

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If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!

Just kidding… I recommend all pilots try controlling approach on the training server at a somewhat busy airport. It’s amazing that our advanced controllers are somehow maintaining order of unrealistically high traffic.

Unfortunately, Joe’s post probably won’t reach the majority of pilots. Keep up the good work, guys.


I will! I take ATC very seriously! you said @Carson is doing magic… this is what I picture

forum forum forum delete all ofensive posts!

Fantastic post, Joe. Much needed. It has been crazy with the huge influx of traffic since the update.

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I told a controller unable at KSAN yesterday when he wanted me to descend the around 500-1000 feet AGL around 25nm out. Was that ok?


Great information. No way you typed all of this. @JoshFly8 had to do it 😜


Besides the factual information, I could see why you’d think that.


Can the controllers on all servers be alert when giving speed instructions.

I’m being told at times to maintain 200 knots, doing so, then getting told to “please follow instructions”. When the last instruction was maintain 200 knots.

That could make an awkward ghosting situation!

All I ask is you keep an eye on it. Otherwise things are superb as always.

After another frustrating approach session at Palm Springs this morning, I was just thinking about writing such a post myself, and this is exactly what I would have written ! Fortunately @Joe saved me much time and effort and articulated everything perfectly.

His entire piece should be pinned to the loading screen of the app so that everyone can read it !

Approach controlling can be the most enjoyable element of ATC, it can also be the most infuriating when people are impatient and/or do not follow instructions and/or do not know how to interact with the controller. Hopefully a good number of pilots will learn something from this and we can provide an even better service to everyone going forward.


I’ve been waiting for someone to post something like this for a long time! Great job, Joe! And thank you!

*Rubik’s Cube Take it from a Hungarian, we made it 😜

Thanks for this post! I was tired of chaos on the Expert Server and it was starting to turn into Playground. Hopefully this fixes things up!

Why does everyone have to be so mean to @Carson he’s just a cute dog… 🐶

That gave me a good laugh though.


That’s probably my favorite and the most important part.