Help us, help you!

It may be something I’ll look into at some point. I have some other ideas I’d like to try first :)
The biggest problem is that it’s constantly changing. A solution that worked today, might not be the same tomorrow.


Do you ever sleep? :D


Here we go again… Haha.

I do, but i also have my notifications set to “Watching first post” on everything in #support - so i check up on everything when i wake up.


I have to admit I’m guilty of doing these things in the past. I strive now to help to community and new members by posting relevant information and not add to their confusion. Again, sorry about that.



Feeling a need to bump this topic.
We’ve been starting to see a number of repetitive & off-topic replies to topics in Support that sometimes derails the topic at hand which makes it very hard to provide the necessary assistance to users who are in need of it.

Please make sure to read the top post of this topic, with emphasis on the quote below:

We really do appreciate the help many of you gives us, and are trying to give us. It is however extremely important that correct advise is given, as the opposite might sometimes worse the situation.

Thank you! :)


First time I’ve seen this topic.

Absolutely well said. Thanks for the reminder!

Also, this is very very important

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