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With growing Infinite Flight users comes a growth in #support topics. We thank each and every one of you who helps us out with these issues as many cases cane resolved slowly with community input. We do ask a few small things when helping out in these topics, and a small few do not adhere to these. To summarise, we’ve started to see an increase again in replies in #support that have very little or no relevance at all regarding the issue being asked about. This can be very confusing for the poster who receives many different responses, making it more difficult for us in the team alongside the community member seeking help.

Please remember that many users that post topics in #support are largely new users. And it’s vital that they have the greatest experience possible. Think back to the days when you were new to Infinite Flight. It is a complicated simulator for a mobile device, so there really are no silly questions. You yourselves probably had the questions at some point in your early Infinite Flight days! Getting 5 different answers can be a bit scary for new members, so please only help out if you have the knowledge and experience needed!

We therefore ask you to hold back a bit before replying and ask yourself:

  • Is this something that could actually help?
  • Are there any previous, similar issues with solutions presented in #support?
  • Do I know anything about this?
  • Has a moderator or staff member already replied and is waiting on a response from the original poster?
  • Have someone else already replied what you’re about to reply?

For example, the first thing you should not be suggesting is reinstalling the app. This is usually step 45, not step 1.

Clearing scenery cache is also one thing we’ve also noticed being suggested a lot, many times for things that have nothing to do with the scenery. If a user is experiencing difficulties with an aircraft or with something that seems network related, clearing scenery cache won’t do anything to improve the situation. This function only affects terrain and satellite imagery.

Many of you already do this and are doing a fantastic job helping us out! And we are very grateful for the help we’re getting.

Don’t be afraid to PM any of us if you have any questions!


Well said Seb. I have definitely been seeing a rise of irrelevant and confusing posts which is the last thing we want for the OP.

BP’s topic goes together with what you stated and some people should take a look at it


Thanks Seb, I did see many people duplicate replies!

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Might I also add that if your post starts with:

  • “As @soandso said…”
  • “As previously stated X amount of times…”
  • “I know this has been said before…”
  • “Dangit! @soandso beat me…”
  • etc

You dont need to post it. I’ve seen this a lot lately on not just support topics. 5 different users rush to get the right answer in, which usually doesn’t help the player. At all. Just remember it’s not a competition, it’s about actually helping the OP. 5 different versions of the same answer won’t do that job.

Just my $0.02 ;)


I’ve recently seen an increase in multiple people writing in rapid fire speed to get there first with their answers. Sure you may have something important and valuable to say but if you see others are alredy typing dint begin the indirect keyboard fight to be the first to post a reply.

In the end, ”It’s the most Informative, Relevant and Helpful one that is gonna do the work, not who posted first and second that matters”.

All in all, sometimes some of us need to step if the Keyboard race. And if someone has said something, do not repeat, and also refrain from posting off topic posts that doesn’t do any good other than clogging up the thread. Also another pointer is that if you see someone is helping and it’s a conversation between two that is flowing as they progress deeper in the roots of the issue then don’t interfere unless your words truly can further assist. Think more than twice to be completely sure whether or not you should post or not, and if posting it now would be a smart idea?💡


I may be responsible for the second part, sorry about that🙂

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I agree, let someone else try before offering another completely different solution, I experienced this the other day and after that that Op didn’t reply back. I assume he got overwhelmed which is a shame.


I would 100% like to echo what Seb said… There are so many occasions where people are posting just for the sake of it, to make it look like they’re helpful, to get that green ✔️…

9 times out of 10, there is someone replying to the topic that knows more about the issue than you do.
If an android user has a problem, and you use iOS devices, do not say “well my iPad 2018 is super powerful and great and awesome” because that isn’t what they asked, and they probably don’t care. It’s the same vice versa…

If you’re responding just to say “@ Schyllberg do you know anything?” “Maybe a mod can help” “have you tried playing the trumpet, spinning on a top, frying your device and eating a sweet That didn’t work? Oh, then no idea then” it’s probably best that you don’t say anything at all.

Makes it easier for the rest of us that do know to help the OP with their issue 🙂



That’s like just lol

(I know this is what likes are for, just like the funniest post of 2019!)

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I get what you’re saying, but just to clarify:

Account issues and similar things that only i can manage, tag me all you want :)

And i read basically every Support topic that gets posted. So if i see that i need to chime in, i usually do as soon as i can :)


Why don’t you guys don’t just only allow Regulars to answer in #support ? Take a look at the Category. Users are basically just racing each other to be the first to reply.

I ain’t no different sometimes. I’m a helpful guy (usually I’m nice). I normally stop writing when someone else beat me to it, but this can’t be where you want this system to be, can it?

By just allowing Regulars to answer you make sure this won’t happen. And we’ve got a lot of Regulars these days, so I’m sure there’ll always be someone around. And most of the times a Regular has the right answer anyway.

It would also make the Regular System more transparent. Users would have to find another way to show that they can be trusted. At the moment, #support is their place to be.


It’s not a bad idea, but unfortunately not technically possible right now. If the OP isn’t TL3, how would he or she be able to reply? ;)

We also don’t want to exclude people. Not all regulars are interested in #support, and we have users that are <TL2 who can be very helpful. It’s better to try to point people in the right direction instead, even though it’s usually a more difficult :)


Adding to what Seb said, I’ve seen even Regulars guilty of rushing to reply to a #support topic.


I sometimes just finish writing my post even if I see someone beat me to it with a better answer, but just post and then delete it because I don’t like wasting all that effort😉

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Thank you Seb! Much needed topic. I see a lot of mis diagnosed issues.

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You’re a “glass is half-full” kind of guy, I like that! Won’t argue with you about that view cause I actually agree with this option as well.

Couple years ago when I was little and innocent I used to be a Moderator on a big Minecraft Server with around 60’000 users (yeah I actually played that). They had a forum as well that we used to moderate. We had the same problem. What I learned back then: Pointing in the right direction is a good decision, but how do you get 60’000 people to see the signpost?

You guys are doing a great job keeping this place clean and friendly though. Can’t say anything against that but thanks.


What do you think on training a few members for technical issues?
I think having that would help


There are many people here that are very experienced in certain aspects of issues: both myself and Starley price ourselves in being the go to android guys, and there are several people here that are very proficient in iOS issues. With the app, there are people that think they know, and people that actually know…
There is always a moderator around that can provide some kind of assistance should it be needed, and there are plenty of other threads that can be linked to help the OP 🙂

But I think it would be good to have a dedicated team of maybe 3 or 4 people that are proficient in #support and are the recommend people to contact.

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There are also just as many people who innocently have the same response to the same question at the same time, causing similar answers to be posted simultaneously. I personally find this problem to be more of a flaw in Discourse’s design, where the list of avatars for the people who are currently replying often updates slowly or doesn’t work at all, making people unaware that there are others who are also responding to the thread.