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We’ve seen an increase in replies in #support that have very little or no relevance at all regarding the issue being asked about. This can many times be very confusing for the poster who receives many different responses in addition to making it harder for us in the moderation team that do a lot of support and in sometimes even make the issue worse.

Please remember that many users that post topics in #support, are new users. And it’s vital that they have the greatest experience possible. Imagine it yourself, if you have bought a new product and are in need of assistance… Getting 5 different answers or as many times, the same incorrect answer thrown at you 1 minute after posting. It can be a bit scary :)

We therefore ask you to hold back a bit before replying and ask yourself:
Is this something that could actually help?
Are there any previous, similar issues with solutions presented in #support?
Do I know anything about this?
Has a moderator or staff member already replied and is waiting on a response from the original poster?
Have someone else already replied what you’re about to reply?

Many of you, already do this and are doing a fantastic job helping us out! And we are very grateful for the help we’re getting. We just need to improve a bit more.

Don’t be afraid to PM any of us if you have any questions!

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Thanks for great topic especially ending 😂 good points there is lots of duplicate and not helpful comments in support.


crusher of deers. I hope your not talking about DeerCrusher, is the only one we have here in the infinite flight community😂. Thanks for the post telling us how to respond to support requests. This will help many new and long term members for futures to come. Good job Schllyberg.

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thank you very much, I will take everything in mind ;)

Yeah I think I do a bit to much of this 🤭


I can’t say I’ve noticed a specific user doing this more than anyone else, this just feels like a general thing that have escalated for the last couple of months :)


Have you tried re-installing? Power cycled your device?


How do I reinstall when my device is in pieces?


This was much needed! Hopefully this reduces the amount of echos that appear in each #support thread, if you know what I mean ;)

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You hit it spot on. First response in a support topic: Reinstall. Issue fixed.

This definitely needed to be said!

“Crusher of Deers” …

It seems it’s time for a refresher on this. I realize everyone is trying to help, but just throwing darts when we don’t have the relevant information to speculate is just confusing for the OP, especially when 5 people post the same thing in every thread as well as what 4 others have already said without reading the thread or investigating the circumstances of the particular scenario.

Delete and re-install will be covered. You don’t need to be the 10th person to suggest it. This is just the classic Help Desk “have you tried turning it off and back on again?” There’s no reason for 10 people to say it.

Also, if we are awaiting info from the OP, it is extremely counter-productive to guess what it my be. These aren’t support requests, really, but the same theory applies when someone is asking why they are grade X. If they haven’t posted the table, there is no conceivable reason for 15 people to come in and say “do you have a ghost?”, “maybe it’s your landing count”, “maybe you got a violation”, maybe you…"

When they post the table, we can pick out the orange number. Until then, it’s utterly unproductive to simply guess at random, no matter how much you’re trying to help, you’re simply piling confusion atop confusion.

These bullet points seem to be especially prevalent.

Remember, it’s okay if your name doesn’t appear in a thread. There are issues for which I have nothing of any particular note or import to add whereas others are very familiar with the specific issue. I let them answer it. There’s absolutely no shame in that.


Going to bring this topic back to everyones attention as a few of you are forgetting how to conduct yourselves. As a community, you should not be bombarding yourself into a support issue. Especially, after an update has pushed. I’m not going to point out names but if you keep it up, you can kiss that regular status for some a goodbye and I will point out names. I’ll do it myself if push comes to shove.

Two regulars repeating the same thing that each other provides no beneficial means to an individual that is having a legitimate issue. If you don’t know, don’t say anything. If you’ve had the issue, and are know of a solution that worked for you feel free to pipe in. If you see that a mod/staff member is already working on the issue, use discretion when considering to post. Again, if its a guess, its not worthy posting. If its a solution that you know of, then by all means share. Otherwise, leave it to the mods/staff members to deal with.

Every response on the forum is representative of who we are as a community as a whole. Represent Infinite Flight in the most respectful way and in a professional way. After these updates, we see a lot of new faces and the last thing we need are you guys throwing darts drunk. If you struggle with this and no longer feel that you should be a regular for some, PM me; I can fix that. Shapen up and reevaluate the way you conduct yourself on the forum.


More now than ever, there’s been an increase of people who have been trying to beat our great moderators to support topics. I could name a few people (including myself)… But that’s not needed.

What I have seen lately is that people see that a moderator is typing and they try to beat said moderator to the post!

Why Do People Do This?

There are plenty of reasons why people may do this… But the main one is that They Want To Get Their Post To Be Marked The “Solution” so moderators think that they look good… When in reality (I was told this by a moderator himself) #support replies should only be by made by moderators or people who know the solution. If you dont know it… You’re just wasting your time

Here are some recent “helpful” support replies:

Think About It This Way:

If you just joined the forum with an issue with Infinite Flight… Would you like to be spammed with 8 answers that may not even be correct; or would you like to have one professional person who can give you the exact answer and back it up (Look at the moderators responses - Most of them don’t just write a sentence when trying to help)

In closing, if you cant help or if you aren’t sure of a solution… Sit back and restrain yourself from typing a useless reply as either a moderator or someone who knows the solution will come along and help the lad. Then you can bookmark it so if someone else has that issue, you can help them. Moderators can connect right to the devs or they can usually find this issue and be able to actually help the original poster.

Lets fix this people!
You and me together, we can do this!


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