Help understanding a violation.

I was going g some T&G’s at Edwards On TS this evening. Getting some seat time in a C-17. I stalled on a final and crashed. I simply selected re-spawn to parking, thinking I would re-spawn at Edwards because I was so close. No, I re-spawned at the small airfield above Edwards. Ended up with a violation for to large of an aircraft. Is there anyway I can have said violation removed? I enjoy my G5 and am very proud of it. I also am proud that with over 1000 flight hours I have less than 100 violations. So, anyone. Help please. IF at all possible. Thank You.

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Well, I guess you could contact @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton via private message to possibly remove it, however, I have no guarantees that it will be removed.
Good luck!


I am sorry but I don’t think that moderators can remove a violation. I understand that it can be very upsetting when you get a violation for something that wasn’t your fault. We all know how that is.

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Tyler and Mark can. In fact, they have removed ghostings before.


Oh. I was not aware of that. So, yes @KNUCKLEHEAD there might be a way to get it removed.

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Mods are able to remove ghosts and violations if it is justified to do so, although they don’t do it often. Charles, I suggest following Kevin’s instructions to DM Tyler or Mark to help you out. Otherwise, there’s no need to keep this thread open. Thanks :slight_smile:


I have removed your violation. Mark and I can remove violations and will only do so in instances like this where an in-app function has put you at a disadvantage, unable to avoid the violation. Thank you for your patience!


Thank You So Much @Tyler_Shelton!! Also a big Thanks You to all those who responded. Thanks Y’all!!