Help Transition From STAR to IAP

So I was wondering how will I land cause I went to flightaware and copyed real life and was wondering cause people do landing when they do this

Please help me to take this to realism


Most of the time you can find basic charts online. Use those and simbrief. Simbrief by default uses Instrument departure and arrow procedures. But you can always get the waypoints. Enter those then go to enter the XML file. You get that after you create the OFP go down to the bottpm and there is all the different file types. Copt and paste the XML and it will create the IF friendly FPL.

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For one, before takeoff you would have to go through your flight plan and make sure you intercept the localizer for the airport. The above flight plan doesn’t. You will have to do some tweaking to make sure you come in at within 30degrees of the localizer and from there I usually disable the nav system and guide the plane in with the help of the localizer and glidescope.


You simply exit of of your Flight plan and intercept the ILS or GPS approach


I rarely bother with charts if I’m not in the mood. I would just enter the left base for runway 09 and intercept the localizer that way.

As @George_Flack mentioned you could either exit the flight plan, fly manually until you intercept the localizer, then land using APPR or manual landing. You could also do what @SterlingArcher said and go throughout your flight plan to make the waypoints guide you directly to interception of the localizer and land from there using the best and appropriate method. Hope this helped, just summarizing what others said, that’s all! 😁


In that case use your FPL as guide and the means to get you from point A to point B, plan what runway you want to use and how you will enter the pattern and once you reach that point then do that and land. I would get close to KSAN using that FPL then enter left base for 09.

You would need a STAR on the FPL which this hasn’t got. @Chris_S can explain a bit more about this also

Ok thx for your help

FlightAware only includes SIDs and STARs.

The part you’re missing is the IAP for either 27 or 09 (most likely 27).

You can either just add something reasonable to your FP in IF, just enter the pattern for the runway sans FP, or, if you’re really OCD, use one of the approaches listed here:

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You must be able too see into the future to know the exact wind conditions at the time of your arrival.

Ok so first of all here is the route I pulled from Flight Aware. LAXX1 MZB. Below is the chart for the LAXX1. If you follow the line that goes to the MZB transition that’s what the pilots will fly. After that they will most likely get radar vectors from the MZB VOR to intercept the localizer at no more than a 30 degree intercept. So you will need to put in each waypoint of the LAXX1 then the MZB VOR. From there you can either enter the pattern accordingly assuming they are running visual approaches or intercept the LOC at no more than a 30 degree intercept.
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That’s a SID, not a STAR. Hence the name “LAXX ONE DEPARTURE.”

Just a quick tip, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re landing on runway 9 at KSAN. That runway is almost never used for landings. You can find charts for IAP’s over at but be warned that not a lot of the waypoints will be in the sim.

What website do I go to for like a approach for ils should have what you’re looking for

This has nothing to do with wind conditions. I personally think it’s just good practice :). Regardless it’s a simple matter of changin FLP once closer to arrival.

It really is not a good practice since you don’t know the condition at the time of arrival.

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To each his own, you could always see the metar for the airport when you’re 30min out and more often than not wind conditions are more or less the same within that period so I really don’t see the problem here, its just a matter of simple alteration. In the end if ATC present I’m gonna end up listening to them regardless of whether they want me landing in headwind or tailwind

Here is a current ILS chart for Rwy 09.

Ok thanks y’all for everything