Help to remove violation level 1

Any Moderator available to remove a Level 1 violation that I shouldn’t have as it was not my fault … I would really appreciate it!

Sofia ❤️

Hey there! If this violation was not your fault and was app related, any member from the @appeals team can go ahead and take a look into it, as long as you are able to provide a replay to them. All you have to do is click on the bold @appeals tag and click the blue “message” button, and give a good explanation of the situation!

Best of luck to you.


I actually texted, but I think they just ignore me, or I don’t know if they’re busy

Ah, I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten in contact with the right people then! The appeals team prides themselves in speedy responses and hold each other accountable when such expectations are not met. They may not be available at the moment, but will get to you at the nearest convenience. Don’t lose hope just yet. ;)


Thank you! Have a nice day!

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Perfect explanation! The appeals team will assist you very shortly