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Hello guys could you go be able to help me please I have a problem to login I can’t play online I was a subscriber but on the last two weeks ago I was cancel my subscription but now I want to go back and be subscriber so then I will be able to play online I’m trying to login but it’s not impossible always said not found account thanks very much

Can you confirm you’re using the correct account and log in details, and if you cancelled your subscription did you cancel your actual account (if that’s possible)

Once you have checked that you are using the correct account, uninstall and reinstall the app.

That might not be necessary, so let’s wait for the OP to reply before we offer anymore advice.

That goes for anyone else who wants to chime in before we receive a reply!

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Nahh I’m only canceled my subscription that’s all and yeah I use my email which I’m registered to the infinity flight

Dňa st, 12. sep 2018 13:51 Mags885 napísal(a):

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Can you try to log in and then screenshot the error you receive please?

Also try these steps to rectify the fault:

  • Restarting the app Infinite Flight
  • Restarting your device
  • Restarting your router/Wi-Fi
  • Delete Infinite Flight and re-download it

Another thing you could try to do (if you have another device with IF…) is to log into IF Pro from another device. I can’t say it will work, but it helped someone else before. :)

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