Help to land

Since the new update i can’t put on my screen the support landing (red square)…it doesn’t exist anymore ??..

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Hi there,

That aid has since been removed with the new update. You can head over to the tutorials section to help you understand landing better. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I believe you are referring to the landing aide. The red rectangles at the end of the runway that helps you approach the airport.

The red landing aide has been removed for this release. It might return in a later release.


Time to start practicing. Map out the points where the squares were before on the map.

In most cases there won’t be waypoints, so you will have to learn to fly the ILS/GPS. Use the #tutorials:flight category that Chris told you.

I just notice that when landing that I should not exceed 3,000 feet within the red cone. After that it is calculations based on vertical speed and airspeed.

It’s all on the tutorials on the category that Chris linked you to. Take a look at it, it is very detailed and useful for your situation :)

You can use the ILS/GPS approach for airports- it’s in the HUD and it has all you need to land. Just follow the arrow and line to line up with the runway.

Another easier way is to use the flight path vector indicator. This is the round thing in your HUD that tells you where you’ll end up. Align it to where you’d like to land the plane (NOT at the piano keys at the start of the runway, but slightly later down at the two thick white lines(thanks @GolferRyan) ) and fly it down to the ground.

Everything comes with experience, a hundred landings later and you’ll be able to deal with 35knot gusts and x-winds :)

No, you should not touch down on the piano keys, that is way too early. Your target should be the solid white blocks about 100 ft down the runway.

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Sorry about that, brain not working this early in the morning! I’ll edit the post.

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What if I can land with just visual approach and by mapping it? That is what I have done most of the time.

Thanks, I was wondering the same thing I would love for them to add it back in It really helps

This should help.



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