Help to add in my flight plan, the new arrival to MMMX

Hello everyone! I hope you are well !. But the reason for my theme is that I have seen several who have flown MMMX, and they make the new arrival, I have tried to put it, but it does not let me since the fixed ones do not exist in the simulator. Could someone tell me how I can put the new arrival, when to go as MMMX destination? I would thank you a lot!.


Hello! Currently we can only use the Stars/Arrivals that are in the game currently.

So many believe! but I have already seen several people who make the new arrival !.

What is the name of the STAR that you would like to add to your flight plan?

I could not tell you exactly about the arrival! but currently they use new arrivals in MMMX and I have seen several people do them, and I check their FPL and they have even the fixed ones.

This is an example of them!!


new arrivals have not yet arrived in the simulator, however, you can lean on the ones that are already

I know they are not! but I have seen people who arrive at MMMX with the new arrival, when it is not there yet, and I literally feel sorry to fly to MMMX without making the new arrival :(


I think @Enrique_Fernandez is familiar with the new arrivals, you could try pm’ing them

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Thanks a lot! I will try to communicate with him!

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If you want the new procedures the only way to do this is via foreflight, share your flight plan direcly from foreflight to IF


But I think you need to pay a subscription in Foreflight to have access to everything, right?

Yep, subscription is required

Then I won’t be able to :(

Although it sounds kinda simple, I’d try making a FPL using fixes that approximate the actual STAR.

Like what rich pj said, try this

Don’t use the mex11 fix, that’s my fault

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You could try using coordinates?

That’s what I’ve been thinking! but where to find the coordinates?

Thane how do explain this?

Ummm…What. I think you replied to the wrong person