Help the solution

how get my stats account back…
my stats Grade 5 . XP 800.000 . last call sign Indonesia 117GG .

I will tell how the problem begin.

  1. my sub pro is over and then I buy again the sub. but I pay sub pro before I login to my account. so I start all from zero with new account . the I try to connect to my IFC. but like this . (see the picture)

  2. then I try to switch account… and login with IFC yeah i get it… but I must buy subs pro again.

  3. next I unlink ifc account and back to default account . and try reconnect ifc account I hope will get my subs pro I have before… but is nope. :(

  4. the last . I uninstal App and install again n start from zero again… the problem is the same I cant get back may stats and must be start from grade 1. I try connect again to my IFC account but like this.

PM schyllberg!

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problem solved. thanks


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