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I just got Infinite Flight and thought it was cool, but I REALLY need some help. I’ve tried to look at the tutorial, but got lost. I’ve tried to look on YouTube and everyone is saying this and that. Any help?
How long did it take you guys to get the controls? I’m just probably the only one to be dumb and stupid with controls.


Hey Chris what certain controls etc do you not understand we would be glad to help

Its all about practice . Feel free to pm me with any questions you have.

Here is a playlist of several tutorials, made by staff and developers of Infinite Flight.

This is also a great link, organizing the tutorials.

If you want to get into Air Traffic Controlling, here is a post on that.

If those links don’t help you, please don’t hesitate to PM me. There are also several other useful tutorials in #tutorials.


He said he tried YouTube and the tutorials, maybe he was just looking at the wrong one 🤔

Well, those really are a great resource.

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The #tutorials category is a great place to start if you need help learning the ropes on Infinite Flight.

Check out this topic that comes jampacked with all the essential tutorials you need in order to learn about the simulator:

If you’d like any further assistance you can either PM anyone who commented in this thread or you can send me one. Any of us will be glad to help you out!

I know they obviously are but if someone says they don’t understand something it doesn’t help to refer them back to the same thing.Anyways who knows hopefully we can help this nice person understand the sim more

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You weren’t the only one that had trouble here’s some help

So I first recommend you put throttle at 85% for takeoff at a long runway
These small circle with a line under it helps you know where the middle of the plane is to help you land aligned with the runway on landing and make a straight one here’s the pictures


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Here’s one for a flight start to finish with ATC.

My question is, why are you going 170KTS on final?!


Why do you have your spoilers extended on takeoff?

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Also, why are you going 230KTS and 5000FPM on takeoff? The g’s have to be insane in that plane.

Way too fast on the takeoff and landing speeds buddy.

And Idle throttle. Mate, if you want to help somebody, at least show them correctly :)

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don’t worry , their are heaps and heaps of tutorials everywhere, even on the forum! it took me a day or two to figure the main stuff, but the develepors of infinite flight are making plenty of helpful things! I hope you enjoy infinite flight, and happy landings!

by the way, the forum is this website, just type tutorials in the search part in the top right corner (the magnifying glass) and you should fine something

My landing speed I do normally is 175KTS and it works

Hi I believe we have all been there when we first started. I began flying about 3 years ago. At the beginning knew nothing. At that time we didn’t have all the info that is available now. The best thing to do is just start flying. You will crash, not sure at what speed to land, or how to use flaps and etc. Just fly. Questions will come and I am sure slowly slowly you will get your answers. The community is always happy to help. Then things will start making sense. Good luck and happy landings. Search for IF academy on YouTube. There are plenty others there. But the official IF tutorials are the best.

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