Help Taxiing

I’m currently at Chicago Midway airport. ATIS information A was present And departing on way was runway 22L & 22R. Wynter changed and ATIS B changed. Now departing 4 L &R. As I pushed back wrong way, I had to taxi round the whole airport and now at 4L holding short. I’m in an A321 and I would like to depart from 4R as it’s a longer runway and 4L is a little short for my liking. I say I want to taxi it 4R but told I have to follow instructions. Help as I don’t want to get ghosted but would like a longer runway

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Sadly one of the limitations of our current ATC system is that we cannot specify intentions to controllers. The A321 should easily be able to take off from 04L so just accept it this time round.

I’m sure it is something the devs might consider adding in a way to ‘speak’ to the controller!

Would be nice, thanks 🙏👍

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