Help taking off

Hi all, I’ve been playing infinite flight for many years, I downloaded it when it first came out on my windows phone… I now have it on the iPad and love the attention to detail. Recently when taking off I have been having an issue, when rotating the plane veers off to one side, can anyone recommend some tips on how to prevent this? As you may notice I am not a pilot or do not have real life experience so any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks!

I think the first steps would be to make sure your device is properly calibrated and to make sure it isn’t the wind affecting your rotation.

Hi, the easiest way to solve this is to compensate the turn with your rudder! Also make sure that your device has been calibrated correctly and there are no heavy winds blowing you away! ;)

Thanks for the info both, much appreciated! I will give it a go, it’s calibrated so thinking it is the weather as only become an issue when I started on live… On solo I had the weather set to best settings (amateur I know!) :)

Turn on autopilot heading before you attempt to take off-If during take off your plane still is swerving around, then correct it with the rudder.

As stated by the gentlemen (Or gentlewomen) above, make sure your device is calibrated and check the direction of the wind and the wind gust speed in the menu.

Best, Boeing707

No problem :)

I do like Trevor said. I get straight on the runway and press heading to engage autopilot. When taking off it keeps the plane relatively straight for me. At least that will give you time to adjust rutter until you get the hang of it. Too much rutter can also be catastrophic.

“Too much rutter can also be catastrophic”

Indeed, that type of rutter application will put you in a rut on the side of the runway.

If device is calibrated properly then it’s cross winds. Gentle use of rudder to counter and as you get airborne use the ailerons to steer against the wind. Hope that helps.