Help... Some advice please?

So before I go on live and make a complete fool of myself for the first time this weekend, can I have some advice on the most IMPORTANT rules and some of the rules that are there but everyone seems to break and not care about it?

Always always always listen to ATC

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Got it! Thanks for the help! <3

Fly above 10,000 to go 250 knots or more 10,000 or under is 250 or less

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Don’t taxi over 25 kts. GS.
Don’t land or takeoff on runways that are red.
Please fly as realistically as possible :).
Try and gain XP fast by performing some landings. Once you get your standing up to 75% and eventually 85%, you can fly into some of the larger airports and do some long flights and fly into non-restricted airspace.

See you on the free flight server :). 1,000 XP away from the Playground…


Thank you!

Thanks cargo!

Yup no problem anytime

gl and have fun. the playground server should be your goal and then the advanced server :). do you have live+ or live?

I plan on getting live to see how I like it!

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thats cool. i hope you do :)

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To add to @Rotate’s point. If you see a red runway, it means it is inactive due to wind conditions. It is NOT closed.

These are the official help pages: