Help Selecting a Region

I need help buying a region since I don’t have Live Plus and I want a region that is most active in the Advanced Server I don’t want to buy it and it goes to waist. Any suggestions ??

Hawaii is very popular with an addition and also London

Advanced server


Hawaii, London, Seattle are probably most popular

Which is used more Hawaii or London ??

It depends on PG an FF rarely used (unless FNF or TNF) on advanced both are used alot cant really say it depends

I know bro, but out of London and Hawaii which one is used most just for advanced

I want to say London but last week Hawaii was used most, wait for more people or make a poll

We randomly select regions. We go to every region. Most used regions include, London, SoCal, and Hawaii.

Isn’t the Caribbean region also used quite frequently? @Furtive_masstwofourf @natzoo

From time to time.

Denver is quite fun and frequently used.

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You guys I only have $8.67 on my App Store I need one region that is used the most that I won’t waste money on

Any region is a good region… (Except France) You will be happy with any region you select. As I said earlier, we randomly select regions. Pick one and be happy.

I recommend London. It’s very active on advanced and if you ever get more money to spend down the road I recommend Hawaii, Seattle or Florida.

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