Help right now lol

Hello guys I hope all off you are having a great day. Because im not i was Taxing to the runway and suddenly my screen locked i couldn’t look to the side or zoom. This is very frustrating because it has happened 3 times today is there anything i can do?

Hey there! Few questions.

First of all, what camera view and aircraft was this in?

Second of all, did you try double tapping your screen? That should revert the camera back to it’s original view.

Yeah i did and i was using an A320 i was on the outside view 😁

Does your screen allow duel or even triple touch ??

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If you are in the “normal” camera view(one of the outside views), and you’ve tried double tapping already, it should’ve “unlocked” itself. Could you maybe explain a little more on how it happened and/or send a screenshot?

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What do you mean by outside view?

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Where you see the entire plane

If you look at the slider when selecting a camera it will tell you what the camera is called. there are multiple different outside camera’s

I was about to take off and i pressed rud brake to line myself with the runway and turned the camera to the right and there i couldn’t zoom or turn

Normal view

Sometimes, the rudder can get “stuck” in one position. If it is still turned the way it was when you lined up, try tapping it and trying to move it, and then you should be able to move your camera.

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