Help Restoring Purchases

Hello I have a problem!!! I bought the game infinite flight. Also, I bought the Airbus 319. But after I uninstalled the app because of a failure of the program, I reinstalled it.After that, I lost the Airbus 319 and the game offers a re-buy this plane. Please help to return the plane.
Check this purchase I have available!

There is a restore purchase button at the bottom if that’s what you’re looking for.


If you are using apple device there should be a restore purchases button when choosing aircraft but if you have Samsung or something like that then it has something to do with going into settings or something. (Sorry I don’t have a Samsung device so I can’t help with that part)

I used to have this problem too. Do you use the same account for your purchase before? In my case, I changed my e-mail causing the planes and regions to be paid yet I have paid most of them.

But somehow, this issue dissapears a day after this problem occurs. You might want to wait if you are using the same account

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