Help required with my accounts

Hi there, my pro subscription was expired two months ago, and I deleted the apps on my phone. However, when I install the app today and resubscribed my pro accounts with the same google accounts, it seems my prior flight record was disappeared, and I was back to grade 1.Thanks for helping me out~

If you previously used Facebook or Google as a method of logging in, you will want to check this account out.

However, more times than not, if you log in using your IFC account from within the app, your statistics should load back in. If it still doesn’t, you should then contact a member of staff who can then assist with you getting your statistics back.

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Hi, thanks for replying, I’m afraid I could not open the links you’ve shared…" Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." And I’ve tried out the IFC’s ways, it did not work. How could I contact the staffs who could help this out? Thanks

Hey! I just looked up your account - it seems that you haven’t got any accounts linked to your forum account. What is your current callsign? If you can remember the callsign of your previous account that would help too.


Hi Kai,

Thanks very much for your reply, I’m afraid I could not recall the last callsign I’ve used, but I think my accounts name was Tianqi Yao, and I once used the callsign ‘China Eastern 823 Heavy’ (as I was appealing a violation), and the current default callsign on my apps would be ‘N280RP’. I really hope this could help, thanks!


I’ll message you to get some more details so I can try and get your data transferred. Thanks for your patience!

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