Help quick!

Hey guys

I’m currently flying a South African A340 from KIAD to FAOR. I put a good amount of fuel in, in fact, plenty of reserve as well (90 minutes)

Now, I have 30 minutes of fuel and 1:13 left. I’m at 41,000 feet.

My two questions:

1). Will descending a bit help? I’m at the ceiling, so air is thin (probably requires more thrust).

2). Any other tips?

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Been flying for 13 hours, so I don’t want to fail 😂


My suggestion would to make a quick diversion if it is possible

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Hmm. That’s an option, but I would like to finish the flight. It’s a milestone for me, so I wanted to do it :)

Go down to FL360 at the most and use trim. The A340 shouldn’t be up that high really at all. Good luck 😊


I’ll do that

I was that high because I watched the real flight on Flightradar24. I guess the IF physics might be different then lol. Thanks for the tip! Descending now.

Any other tips are welcome!

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Yeah the physics are a bit off, especially for an aircraft as old as the A340 so you just have to make it work 😊


I’ll try my best. Thanks!

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@Daniel14 How much trim do you think?

Depends on how heavy you are currently, just adjust accordingly once you get down in altitude to where you see no pink line in the “TRIM” box

Got it 👍

I’m going to 33,000

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You should be good at that altitude for the rest of your flight. Bon Chance! (Good Luck!)

Thank you!

All other tips are still welcome :)

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I think I’m seeing small increases in my fuel remaining.

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2% fuel 😂


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@Daniel14 is there a speed you would recommend? I’m at -10% trim at 0.82

Thats a good speed, the A340 isn’t the fastest aircraft in the air 😂

Alright then lol. I had it at 0.85 and 0.86 earlier. Is that a problem? 😂

It would have consumed some more fuel, but by economizing now you should be ok

Yeah lol 😂

I’m doing my best. Never giving up.