Help Quick! VNAV

help please!

I am flying over the apls
and VNAV is about to start my decent, and I am not even over the alps yet, I am approaching them

what can I do?
because if I let VNAV do its thing, i Will hit a mountain

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Then disable VNAV :)


one thing tho
I do not know how to decend without VNAV
I forgot

Move the VS thing up and down in autopilot


I know that ofcorse!

however I forgot how much, and when to do it

Or change the altitude when VNAV safe to descend


ok that is a good idea

Are you sure you don’t have any duplicate waypoints?

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Set your ALT to desired altitude an monitor your V/S to the desired descent rate.

yup i am sure

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You should check the STAR/Approach charts for the airport you are landing at. The altitudes specified may be at or above or at or below but Infinite Flight doesn’t recognize those variables yet.


ok thanks!
also happy Infinite flight anniversary!

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Just don’t engage VNAV and after you fly over them, then turn it on.

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What airport are you landing at?

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