Help! Problem with takeoff and landing!

So I know this is obvious but I’ve just confused myself! So you know at then end of a runway there is a green/yellow/red line with the runway name/code. Which way do I land and which way do I takeoff?! I know why they are different colours. It’s to do with wind

Do I takeoff from the green line towards the red line?
Orange is the plane.

Or from the red line forwards the green?

And for landing:

Do I approach towards the red line or the green line?

1.which way do I take off?
2.which way do I land?

I’ve absolutely confused myself! Thanks guys!😄

You takeoff and land towards the greenline. If there are no green runways then you takeoff and land towards the orange line. You you want to be taking off and landing into the wind if possible.


So if the red runway is on the opposite side of the runway to which your landing then you should be okay. If a runway if red but there is under 10 knots of wind it is also okay to land on.

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Just takeoff and land the way you showed in the first photo. ;) Use the beginning of the rwy which is green or orange.

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Imagine lights on the crossroad … If it is green - free to go. If it is red …


Sometimes you need follow atc instruction.

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This might be language related, but you don’t take off towards a green runway.
You taxi to a green runway and take off from the green end. Going towards the orange or red end.


Yes I know that’s what I said. You takeoff towards the red runway following the green runway. Sorry if I didn’t explain it very well.

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Can I ask how long have you played if?

Why? I just confused myself trying to work stuff out in IF. I had been doing it right before. But as I said I just confused my self trying to figure something out. Even though I knew it already. Ive been playing IF for along time.

Did you have a derp moment I a guessing

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