Help please!

Hello. Gentlemen.

You could put me on the Training server. I’m not able to change servers, I’m stuck in Causal. I use Bluestacks to play, but I have had an active subscription since January 1, 2024. Otherwise, I will have to ask for a refund, and then I will cancel my subscription, unfortunately.


I was slipping on the training server, I’m grade 2, but after the update, when I select to change server, the game closes.

First of all, the BlueStacks is not officially supported, so the problems you have with the BlueStacks may not be solved here, and second, why not provide some pictures to tell us the problem more clearly, such as a screenshot of your level

Hi @Adynaildo_Souza84, you have received more than 5 level 2 / level 3 violations in the last 12 months. I would request you to wait till your oldest violation expires. Alternatively, if you want a refund, you will need to contact the App Store from where you purchased the Subscription.

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I understand, but the game is closing, sir, when I click on the server mode tab, understand?

@Adynaildo_Souza84 read this.

Hello, as mentioned, we don’t officially support Bluestacks, so there is no guarantee this will work.

We would like to get some additional information to help us investigate though. Can you send whatever you see in Bluestacks Settings → Phone?

It should be like this:


Hi, I’m using the A90 5G, could this be the problem?

Thanks! We need to test this on our end. No guarantee we can fix this, but we will try and figure out if it’s something within our control

Ok, I will be changing the setting in Bluestacks.

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