Help please

Can someone help me find a solution to this? I want to link my account and my progress and I don’t know how

Hey there! Do you happen to have another infinite flight subscription on a separate device?
This might be causing the problem.

no, I don’t have it on another device :"

Yea I’m not quite sure why it’s not working. I have 2 separate devices, one on my iPad and one on my IPhone, so it should work. Maybe it’s a glitch? Try restarting your app ?

This happend to me once even though I don’t have infinite flight on another device. I fixed it by restarting the app and my iPad

Its happens to me too I tried everything even deleting the app and redownloading but nothing works. During summer 2022 I wanted to have pro on my main phone (a samsung a21) but couldn’t so had to have pro on my other phone (an iphone 6s).

The error code describes quite clearly what the issue is.
That you’re trying to connect an account with a community profile that’s already in use for another account.

If it happens during a subscription purchase, best is to contact us via email at as suggested both in the Support FAQ pinned here in #support as well as on our website :)

sometimes happen if someone is playing IF in ur account on ur other device thats why u cant join 2 times check whos playing in ur account.

That’s not the error you would receive if the account is already being used on another device.

Handled via email