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I am currently filling out an application to start a VA and it says staff. Do I need staff before I fill it out? I’m filling out the Operation Plan

You can, but it is not required. Once you are in the approval process, you’ll be able to hire people officially

No, you don’t need staff to apply for a VA. You can put out a VA staff request once you’re in the approval process in this thread;

For any future questions, instead of creating topics, utilise this thread:

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No, you do not. Read the website, please, you shouldn’t be relying on us for every single little question.

It’s not rocket science, it’s the IFVARB website. If you can’t read the website, there’s no way you can lead a virtual airline. Reading and independence are key. You apologized about your excessive topic creation, yet it hasn’t changed. Get it together man, especially if you’re starting a VA.


233 topics in 168 days. Yikes.

I say this example a lot, but for me I have less than 50 topics in 1300 days. Quality over quantity. If you want to be noticed, make it for the right reasons.

@PilotChrisSG just to clarify, there of course is nothing wrong with asking people questions, we don’t learn by not asking, but at the same time there is a minimum amount of research you really need to do yourself, and many of the questions you’ve asked have answers readily available and documented in other threads that are only a search away. Something like running a VA is not an easy task and shouldn’t be done “just because I want to”, there is a lot of time and dedication needed for it to work and to a quality standard. You need to put in the ground work for it to thrive. there are lots of topics on the forum and also the IFVARB website that can help you 😯


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