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Hello everyone!
Can you tell me the difference between Left base, downwind, right base and right downwind?


Left down wind and left base is where you are going to the left

Right down wind and right base is where you’re going right


Left and Right base/downwind are when you are on the left or right side of the runway.

See @RotorGuy’s image posted above: This would mean that the pilot is on left base, and left downwind. If they were on right base and right downwind, the chart would be inverted.

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Another way to visualize this is if you are making Left or Right Turns around the pattern.

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If you are making a left-hand pattern then you’d go;
1.) Departure/Upwind (after takeoff)
2.) Left Crosswind (the first 90° turn away from the runway)
3.) Left downwind (parallel with the runway but going opposite of the way you took off)
4.) Left Base (90° turn back to the runway)
5.) Final (right before you touch back down on the runway.

For right hand just replace the word left with right (don’t forget to go the other direction though).

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