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Can anyone explain to me why my plane bounces once during the ILS approach before it finally touches the ground? What can be the causes?
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If you come in too hard, therefore your vertical speed is too high, the plane will bounce before finally settling on the Runway
If you are using APPR I recommend that you disengage it just before touchdown and raise your noise (flair) for a soft no-bounce touchdown

You mean an approach using APPR mode, right?

This is known as ground effect. Planes tend to “float” when landing and can keep you in the air for a while if you don’t slow down.

You mean, your aircraft has bounced after touchdown? You must have possibly come too fast on approach, or your landing was quite hard. Does this issue happen often? I hope this answers your question.

To add on floating can happen if you flare to early

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Yes! Approach ils

And the bouncing happens after landing (with the autopilot activated)?

Yes with autopilot activated, as soon as it gets close to the ground it rises slightly, then it touches earth again bouncing …

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What is your speed in landing?

Ok, I understand. What speed do you have on final?

Speed 140…

If you want you can check out Tylers tutorial on APPR approaches

Hope this helps @Manu


My speed 140

Thanks! @Ondrej

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I’m guessing your flaps were also on full or not?

OK no problem. If your issue is solved then happy days
Blue skies!

Yes! Exactly

Sounds good, not sure what the issue is, hope it will be solved soon!

So maybe check on your angle of attack and/or or sensitivity.