Help please - renewal issue

Im trying to login in Live since last saturday when i paid my monthly renewal.

Is the first time i have an issue with the payment. I reported through the Feedback but nothing happens.

Wait for answers or ask D. Israel.

here is a tip, ask a refund and try buying it from

I hope this helps
refund by going to report a

Press restore purchases, this has happened to other people before.

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Ive tried that lots of time and nothing. It says no subscription found… Or something like that

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I am sorry I wish I could help. ;(

Please open a ticket at use “Contact Support” (not feedback) and include device make, model, operating system version, your full live user name, call sign, and a copy of the subscription purchase receipt from your store.

Also be sure to include any device mods like rooting or jailbreaking if applicable.


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I just made the request; the system doesnt give me a ticket number, so i look forward for support to answer me. Thanks for your help, hope this works.

Yep I saw it. Don’t know where you were asking for support before, but this is finally the right place. Hang in there we are looking at your issue.


Already solved. Thanks