Help please im loosing grades!

Device: Ipad Gen 7
Operating system: Latest

i was in expert and then after my flight it said i was grade two, i havent gottenany violations, and now im grade one

Are you fulfilling the minimums for landings?

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Can you show us your grade table ad your violation history

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I am fulfilling the landings, and my last violation was 118 days ago
I just started taking flight time from me and also bumping me down levels I’m very confused and concerned because I have two events on this upcoming weekend and one is in the expert server.

@Levi_Weterings @MaxTheBandit
Also I was grade three yesterday, I did a flight on expert yesterday but ended it early because I wasn’t going to deal with it while I needed to sleep and then today I just did a flight to try and recover the flight hours so that I can get back to grade 3 but I realized I had the wrong plane and left to get a better plane but then it said I was grade one and now I’m confused and annoyed

I love this game a lot and it makes me sad that I can’t play it the way I want to and it’s very annoying

you don’t have enough flight time tho

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try to fly in casual some more

I did, it took it all away for some reason, I had enough to get to grade four, I was just waiting for my violation to go away but I guess it takes flight time away even though my 90 days was last week

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Ok, do you know what would cause this?

90 days activity does that.
Everything that you did more than 90 days ago are not counted towards Flight Time & Landings (90 days).


Yes, I know that but what I am saying is that my 90 days was last week and I earned time for this 90 days since I lost it all but its all gone now and idk why

Also why would it down grade me withought a violation?

As i said… 90 days. What you flew more than 90 days ago is removed from those rows.

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Yes, I understand that but here’s what happened, I lost it to 90 days 7 days ago and since then I got enough to be grade four but then today 7 days since the 90 days reset I lost it all again.

First of all, no need to tag me or anyone else in replies.

Secondly - 90 days is always changing. 90 days ago it wasn’t the same date & time now as it was 1 week ago, right?

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Yes, yes it was

Have you tried appealing? As a last resort?

No. It wasn’t…?

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No, no violations, it is just random loosing grades, it was like one grade per 8 or so hours, it was so weird, I’m conserned and annoyed, my last violating was 118 days ago and I think its a glitch or I’m stupid and don’t understand how it works

Bro idk what I’m saying, I’m confused