Help please, game minimising itself

Not sure if it’s a IF bug or something to do with the mobile howevee, recently whenever I’m in a middle of flight like just a moment ago from EGKK to LEAL, the app minimises itself and restarts itself when going back onto it

This is called an app crash. Could you please let us know what device you are using and settings on IF so we can help you accordingly as it’s likely your device struggles to run IF on such high settings. Thanks

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I’m using a Samsung S7 and have the settings on high. It’s never done this before and I’ve always had these settings since I’ve been playing the game a few years back

Hey. It seems like the following thread could help you. Try doing what I recommended to the person here.

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Thank You, I will give the above a try

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I had this before on my older Samsung devices. Typically when you experience a crash like this it is more likely the OS killing the app.

Go to settings → graphics

  • make sure Limit Frame Rate is checked
  • You can lower the other settings too in case that helps.

Go to settings → general

  • Enable Automatic Low Power : check this.

These really help to keep the device from using too much memory during cruise.

Always reboot your device before a long flight and make sure you are not multi-tasking that could be using memory/cpu. Facebook, twitter, IFC, etc.

In some cases you can install an app like which will put your cpu and memory in the notification areas so you can tell if it it getting too high.

Try those settings out and see and let us know.


Thank you, I removed the anti-Aliasing and tested on a flight EGLC to LEAL and didn’t crash so hopefully that has fixed the problem!

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With this issue of app minimising adjusting the settings will most likely solve it. Also make sure you use limit frame rate as this may improve the situation. Play around with them and see what your device can handle.

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If it still doesnt work, try ro reset your ram, and restart your phone before any flights safe flying:)

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