help plane going vertical after an hour

when i come to crusing level in a a380 and some other aircrafts after an hour its starting going vertical until i stall and crash and i can not fix it ive tried so many things please help


Did you try to use the search engine? There are many topics with your same issue and many solutions.
Try it out!


You are obviously cruising to high for your weight. When heavy you need to step climb so this doesn’t happen. If you haven’t stalled yet try descending to FL310 (31,000 feet) and it should solve your problem for future flights.


Have a look at this thread from earlier today. You may find the answer you’re looking for…


You should always make sure to search for any similar topics to what you may have in mind as it may have already been covered and solved.


In the post, he says he’s at cruising level.

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Have you reviewed the replay from that flight?

I recommend using and it generates your flight plan, cruising speed, cruising altitude and fuel so you can make sure you’re cruising at the right altitude

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yeah but when i try its loading a simbrief but when there happends nothing

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did you have a very high vs???
this problem occurs in aircraft like a333 and other heavies on reaching a higher altitiude with high load the speed reduces and the plane stalls. Try having a lower VS around 2000-2500fpm and ensure a sufficient speed.

preferably choose a lower cruising altitude prolly less than 40k and always keep an eye on your speed. If the speed falls below 250kts. stop climbing immediately and start descending at a low rate

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