Help Picking a Route to Mexico

I need your guys help on a route to Mexico.
So what do you guys think either Denver to Cancun on the Southwest B737-700 or New York to Mexico City on the AeroMexico B787-9 Please help me decide.

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KLAX-MMMX is fun. Can’t go wrong flying KMIA-MMMX though. I would recommend using Infinite Flight FPL Converter to create your flight plan!

You could also go to FR24 and flip later inbounds to MMMX and select a random flight. I like doing that somtimes


I mean my vote is New York to Mexico city just because its using a Dreamliner… and we all know 787’s are the best looking airliners today


I will wait untill the Route is Served by the B787-9 From KLAX-MMMX And I’m not doing KMIA-MMMX as I want to fly something like KMIA-SBBR so New York to Mexico City you say.

Do DEN-CUN. The route has amazing, mountain like terrain!

You can always fly random airplanes on the routes

Denver to Cancun! Better scenery on both sides, and the flight is shorter.


I have decided to do New York to Mexico City thank you all for your feedback.

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I will do Denver to Cancun tommrow.

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Congratulations you made the right choice lol

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KLAS to MGDL is very cool although you travel through land and not the coast

You could do:

  • SJC-ZCL (Volaris)
  • SJC-MLM (Volaris)
  • SJC-GDL (Volaris)
  • SJC-BJX (Volaris)
  • SJC-SJD (Alaska, Southwest)
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This has basically all Aeromexico routes
Denver to Cancun: you could also fly United 737-800 or 737-900 (My flight for this summer)

I love Volaris!

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Nice! :D

And Volaris flies to SJC, so you could fly Volaris from SJC to Mexico sometime! :D

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I would buuuut I do not have a subscription and I do not plan to get it until May 5th, I love SJC it has a very nice approach, and overall an amazing place to fly into or out of.

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I think EWR- CUN on the United 739 will do it.

KIAH-MMMX nice 2 hour flight.Might find some senic flights during the flight.

Highly Recommend for your Fpl

Mexico City to Cancún?
Or Mexico City to Tokyo

I do have plans to do Mexico City to Tokyo.