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Ok, I know this topic might be deleted but anyways I want a moderator or someone to tell me where the hell the help pages are! I saw one topic but the web page didn’t exist anymore! I fly perfectly fine and I’m an ATC but it would be nice to learn something else…

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I’m not too sure myself honestly what it means when you say it to a pilot but I assumed it meant look up proper ATC commands and procedures

I guess some #tutorials and #live:atc posts are what it is reffering to.


If you go in the app to the tutorials, some are there. It’s not a good setup anymore as everything is hard to find.


Well… Thanks for the help anyways!

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Maybe this can help:

One time the tower said I need help but I was doing Everything correctly AND told me to land even though I just took off.

Next time don’t say your remaining in the pattern when you aren’t 😏

The help pages though are the YouTube channel both pilot and ATC.
The community. Or any creditable aviation handbook will get you there.

Correct. Never paid attention to that

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