Help out the Dev's, Post a Review on Apple App store

YES the update is out !! GO and help the Devs out and post a Review on Apple APP Store.
Amazing work by all the Devs.


And give it 5 stars!

They like honest answers but ok…


I would normally make a negative comment on this type post. I’ll hold my fire this time. My previous remarks on the FDS Cult & the Thinking Man not withstanding! Max Sends

This is usually something we kindly ask from our users after each update … we decided against adding a nagging popup in-game (for now) this is why we heavily on our community to step up and remember to rate.

I don’t think calling it a “cult” is fair here; enthusiast fans who appreciate our work and want more updates in the future is more adequate.

I usually rate games on the time I spend in them, and in their online communities, even if there are many flaws… I usually prefer to point out the issues in the review part and keep the rating high to encourage the devs and make sure they can continue developing their app.


@Maxmustang he called it a game. This explains why some elements of simulation are lacking ;)


Yes many things are not there yet; on the other end I don’t know any simulator out there that have it perfect on all front (even on desktop). We are improving though :)


@philippe… I keep rubbing the sore! No disrespect intended! I view some of the remarks particularly with this type post “Pimping”. I may be a Crumudgin but I am and will always be a devoted IF Junkie and hold you MAtt and your devoted Staff in the highest regard. I’ve hit a nerve and I apologize for the discomfort it’s caused for you, Matt and the FDS crew. I’ll cutrtail my offensive “Cult” references in the future. Respectfully, Ron

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