Help on URL please

I’m new to the community and I’m trying to become British Airways virtual airline (BAVA) pilot. When signing up I came across copying and pasting a URL off of the Community, the only problem is I don’t know what that is. Could anyone give me some help.


They are probably asking for your ifc profile. I’ve linked it below for ya. Just copy and paste it and insert it into the area needed.

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Thanks a lot!

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It came up with “this field can only contain a valid URL”

Hmmm do you mind if you can share an image so I have a better understanding of your situation? That’d be helpful for myself.

@Thomas_Pollard you should be able to copy and paste what is exactly above

@infiniteflight_17 i think when you just paste the link, the ifc formats it into a box thing that you can’t copy and paste

I tried it myself on safari and it came up as a URL. You can hold down the username on the box and you can collect a link.


This worked, thank you

Glad it worked.