Help on taking off

Basically whenever I take off I usually rotate around 135-145 kts and just before I takeoff my plane either goes left or right. I calibrate my device and set flaps. Please could someone help me out
Thanks Reece

Most likely the winds are the problem. Try using the rudder if there are hitting your plane winds from the right side or left side :) Hope this helps a bit…


Ok I will try that. Thanks a lot!

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As Thomas said, it’s the wind. Have a look:


The wind pushes on your tail, so the nose will go in the opposite direction.
Correct this with rudder and you’ll be fine!


Just use the rudder to counter the wind, airplane size may effect the extremity of the tipping too!

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Have a look at this tutorial.
This is for landing, but much applies for take-off as well.

Try using the ailerons to turn towards the wind as well. Nothing extreme, just a small amount into wind. It’s more of a GA trick, but works fine for commercial when used with the rudder.

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