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What’s happened was i’ve screen recorded multiple flights (replays) for hours, and when i am doing the replay i do check if it is recording and it is,but when i’m finished recording and go to save it only 5 minutes to 1 hours saves.I know it ain’t my storage because i have one game,1 photo and made a new icloud account to clear up any excess space. If any one has any suggestions please tell me it would really help 🥺

I’m assuming you use an apple device (based upon you saying “icloud”). I am not sure about your specific issue, but I know it takes a while for long screen recordings to process and load into the camera roll. During this process it is not recommended that you do other processes on your ipad, but it should not affect the replay too much. I know that my replays have ended up not working out because I closed my ipad during this process or interrupted it somehow. Maybe this process has something to do with it?

Another possibility has to do with storage. I know you mentioned that you have enough storage, but it is always good to double check in the settings app!


I have 25.8GB used out of 32.7GB.

I think that’s too little. I recorded something recently, and sometimes a few minutes can take up to 1 GB already. If you want to record continuously for hours, you will probably need a lot more


Yeah, I was about to say. Sometimes a longer video can be upwards of 20gb depending upon the data being recorded.

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If you have quicktime on a computer you can connect your device to computer and screen record with QuickTime from your apple device. That won’t cost storage on your iDevice

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i don’t have a computer but thank you!

Okay thank you

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