Help on how to find people that I fly with and ATC that I interact with on the community

I would like to directly message the ATC and fellow pilots that I see while flying. I have the names of controllers and pilots that appear in the info screen but I can’t seem to find them on the community…:

Sorry if a topic like this exists… I tried to search it but I found nothing.
Thank you in advance :-)

@Julius97 @MannyG are the ATCs


@julius97 is Julius… PM Him and he may be able to help find the others.

But please don’t make topics for finding people., Just PM someone in IFATC

Thank you… I also have more names of people I would like to contact

I also want to know how to find pilots

There is a whole database featuring some of the pilot names… please search thoroughly next time because the answer is out there

Feel free to DM @dush19 with all of the names you seek, he’ll gladly help 👀🙄