Help, on an airline to choose

So, in June of 2021, I’m going to Punta Cana, and I live in the US, I was wondering what airline I should choose for my family and I. Can I get some help?


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sorry about that, i changed it to real world aviation

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July*. They’re borders don’t open until July 1st.


He might mean 2021…


What type of experience are you looking for?

Departure Airport//Stopovers Needed?
Snack Quality?
Airline Quality?
Does your family care about seating?

The list could go on and on.

Need more details to help out.

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Hey, Southwest, American, United, Delta and JetBlue usually fly there!! You can choose the best one which is suitable for your budget and time. Also they’re borders are closed right now!!

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What state/area do you live in? If it’s actually Alaska then that could be kinda tough

Well firstly what are your options, and budget hard to give a good assessment without that…

I meant to say June of 2021, I am going cross country

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I went there this winter break and flew on Spirit since they had the only flight that fit my timing and day! They had excellent service and seating!

Well, the price is a being worked, and a stopover is needed, delta american and united is what we are looking at

I would recommend Spirit

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That narrows it down quite a bit. Since I have no other info from you regarding price, departure location, etc, I’ll recommend Delta since my favorite airline is Delta. This is the best I can do.

Hopefully this was helpful!


Delta is the wayyyy to gooooo!


Support Delta and @Hopperbolic’s paycheck! Choose Delta.


I would recommend Delta PANC-KATL-MDPC if the Anchorage to Atlanta flight is in season then (I don’t know.) If not then probably PANC-KSEA-KATL-MDPC.

KSEA is departure airport, the thing I wish I knew was price, but it’s being worked on

Oh then I would definitely go with KSEA-KATL-MDPC 100 percent!
Delta 737-900 first leg and Delta 737(not sure of the variant) second leg


almost all of DL’s flights to PUJ were 739s.

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