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How do I join an virtual organization on infinite flight?
Like the Delta virtual airlines organization.

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Feel free to go onto their website and fill out an application. It will be reviewed and you may need to do a few other things for the VA before you can fly for them.

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Here is the link in case you need it.

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In addition to the great VA specific resources that Hudson and Dylan provided; If you would like to join more than 1 Virtual Airline/Organization, feel free to scan the #live:va category and/or the IFVARB Database for Virtual Organizations that appeal to your liking. Most VA’s will have an application page. From there just follow through the basic instructions. After a few days, you will hear back from the VA via IFC or email on further instructions to join.

Best of luck on your VA adventures! You’ll love it! Please let us know if you have any further questions


😕did not pass Delta test

Good thing there’s about 90+ other virtual organizations available to join if you want the experience while you wait for your next go.


You have a lot of choices! Pick what you most like and go for it! You will love it!